3 Trains Collided in Accident at Odisha. But How?

These trains collided in Odisha:-
1) Coromandel Express
2) Banglore Howrah Super Express
3) Goods Train

Where & when the accident happened? 
Balasore district, Bahanaga bazar station at Odisha at 7:00PM, 2 passenger trains and 1 goods train involved

How did the accident take place? 
As heard from newsnews, signal error caused the collision between Coromamdel & goods train

Where does the 3rd train come into picture? 
After the collision of Coromandel & goods train, Bengaluru Howrah Express running on the opposite lane almost crossed but last few coaches impacted and collided again due to shockwaves

Can driver capable to stopped the train? 
Loco-Pilot mode depends on the signals, if the train was travelling at 100km/hr on average even it's not possible to stop train in seconds even with emergency brakes

How did the train derail? 
No proper evidence or explanation till now, hopefully we cleared your doubts

» The Odisha train accident is the world's biggest accident after 2004

**All information provided here is on TV news basis or internet basis. 
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